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Fencing Service - Rosedale, ON

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Best Hand-Forged Fencing Service in Rosedale

Welcome to Iron Master Decor Inc., the leading wrought iron fencing service specialists serving residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Rosedale and surrounding areas. Situated in a prime location just half an hour North of Toronto, we specialize in wrought iron works.

For us, ironwork is more than simply a job - we are dedicated to the fine art of metalsmithing and will go the extra mile to craft beautiful works you can be proud of. Almost all buildings have built-in iron ornamentation of some kind. Unfortunately most ironworks are now mass-produced in factories and as a result, are not known for a high level of quality or detail. Our hand-forged works can be the best way to add elegance and flair to your home or business.

Services We Offer

Searching for the best ornamental wrought iron fencing service in Rosedale? Here at Iron Master Decor Inc, we take on the complete ironwork process from conceptualization to building and installing.

What Sets Our Ironwork Apart

  • We hot-dip galvanize every piece of ironwork we create for exterior usage in corrosive-resistant liquid zinc. This provides total rust protection
  • In order to ensure that our ironwork keeps clean and does not age, we seal it with a crystal clear lacquer finish that reflects light
  • To ensure a lifetime of maintenance-free durability, we finish our zinc-galvanized pieces with important German paint designed to protect galvanized metals

When you purchase a product from us, you can be assured that you own a piece of living, lasting history.

From striking fences, chandeliers, railings and cellars - we will help to beautify your home. We offer the most affordable and stunning ironwork creations. Give a call today at 905-773-3975 for more details!

For more information, please visit our main website.

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